Total body workout no weights required

Warm up

50 jumping jacks

50 high knees


Part 1

10 burpees w/ push up

20 crunches

20 squats

30 second plank

10 tricep dips

Part 2

100 squats

100 push up (girl or guy)

100 crunches

100 bridges

100 lunge (50 forward, 50 backward)

Try your best to complete workout at your pace! Don’t worry if you cannot complete a set because that will be your goal for the next time. Work hard and push yourself for yourself.

Legs Legs Legs


Curtsy Lunge  20 x 3

Forward Lunge 20x 3

Backward Lunge 20 x 3

Bridges 100

Donkey Kicks 20 x 3

Clamshells 30 x 3

Plie Squat 20 x 3

Calf raises 60

Push ups 60

Crunches 100

Heel touch crunches 50

You can always add weight or do more reps if you want to give yourself more of a challenge!

Curtsy Lunge


Upper Body Burn



Warm Up


100 jumping jacks


Do the following Circuit one time through


60 push ups


100 high knees


60 dips


100 high knees


60 sit ups


50 mountain climbers


1 minute plank


60 oblique crunches (each side)


100 mountain climbers


60 crunches


1 minute plank


You got this!!!!


Try your best to finish each exercise, you can take breaks when needed but try your hardest to get it done in your best time!

Eat Good, Be Active, Stay Healthy

Bum Bum!




15-20 minutes of dancing, or jog or run outside!


Repeat the following Circuit 3 times


20 donkey kicks (each side)

20 Fire Hydrants ( each side)

20 Squat side leg raise

50 Mountain climbers

50 bridges

15 one leg bridge (each side)

50 mountain climbers

20 deadlifts

10 single leg deadlift (each side)


You can add weight to any of the exercises.

Below are some example of the exercises.

Donkey Kicks

leg kickbacks

Fire Hydrants

fire hydrants

Squat side leg raise


Mountain Climbers




One leg bridge


Deadlift – Don’t forget to squeeze your glutes!


One leg dead lift


Total Body Circuit


Warm Up 

Run around your block

Repeat the following sequence as many times in 20 minutes

5 burpees w/push up

20 russian twists (can add weight)

15 squats

20 sit ups

50 mountain climbers


Added weight could be: water bottles, pots and pans, a rock from your backyard, you can fill a bag with heavy things around your house, be creative! You can also buy cheap weights at Ross, TJMax, and Marshalls!

Burn those Legs!


Warm Up

Run or Jog outside for 15 minutes


Do 100 jumping jacks, and 25 front kicks on both legs

Repeat the following exercise as many times in 20 minutes.


5 push ups

30 second plank

15 sit ups

5 burpees

10 dips

50 mountain climbers

20 russian twist (you can hold weight when you do these, you can use a pan, water bottle, anything you can find in your house)


Push Yourself and keep track of how many times you repeated in 20 minutes so you can beat that the next time you do it.


Eat Healthy, Be Active, Stay Healthy

Any questions on exercises or comments don’t be shy!

Total Body Workout


Warm Up

20 jumping jacks

50 high knees

10 burpies

Repeat each of the folowing exercises 3x

Wall Sit – 30 second – x 3

Bridge – up/down -30 times , then hold for 30 seconds – x 3

Push-Up – 20

Bicycle – 20

Squats- 20 -x 3

Plie Squats – 20 – x 3

Calf Raises – 20 x 3

Dips – 50

Crunch -50

Donkey Kicks- 15 – x 3

Fire Hydrants – 15 – x 3

Lunge Jump- 10 each side – x 3

Plank – 1 minute

Sit up – 20



If you have any questions about the exercises don’t hesitate to ask!

Legs and Glutes ~ Workout of the Day

Warm up:

100 Jumping Jacks

10 push ups

50 high knees

Light Stretch before you begin the following exercises

Repeat the following repetitions 3x

20 Squats

20 Front Lunges (each side)

20 Back Lunges (each side)

Repeat the following repetitions 3x

20 Squats

20 Kickbacks(can add a dumbbell or water bottle behind knee for extra weight)

20 Fire Hydrants

Images for exercises:


leg kickbacks

Fire Hydrants

fire hydrants

Front Lunge-Step Forward

front lunge

Back Lunge- Step back

reverse lunge